New Life for the old Downtown Synagogue

Changing times and population movement left the Isaac Agree Memorial Society aka the Downtown Synagogue as the last remaining active synagogue inside the City of Detroit, its numbers diminishing and future uncertain.

By vigorously recruiting new like-minded members, a younger contingent assumed positions on the synagogue's board and moved the congregation in a new direction by recruiting involved youth and vigorously organizing events to highlight its presence. They also re-positioned the formerly Conservative shul to an open stance, welcoming all from Reform to Orthodox and opening its doors of worship to everyone, regardless of faith.

"We're a younger, more secular generation," [Leor] Barak says, "We saw this as an opportunity to revitalize Detroit and reconnect with Judaism."

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Beautiful, poignant and largely forgotten, the former synagogues of Detroit outline once closely knit neighborhoods from the days when Detroit was a conglomerate of vibrant immigrant and ethnic communities, of a time when families walked to their places of worship which stood in the midst of their neighborhoods.

Today almost all the synagogues of Detroit are Christian houses of worship for Detroit's Afro American community. This is a story of two communities and two faiths, told by those who worshipped and continue to worship in these houses of prayer.

Life moves on but the Lost Synagogues of Detroit live on and continue to serve their community and shelter its faith. Come with me as I explore this intriguing facet of Detroit history and help me to uncover and recover their story.  I am an outsider to their history,  I know little about them.  Do you?  Share them.

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Welcome to, a voyage of discovery of the former Jewish Synagogues and institutions in the City of Detroit, as told by you the reader.  Add your memories.

Enjoy, Lowell

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